Mass Method

Mass Method

How to tackle disorder in your (working) life.


Is this your daily situation at your workplace? Just not desperate, but feeling useless, don’t know precisely what to do, hoping your working time will end soon, then your work situation is in a Mass!

Obviously your Boss is to busy with other projects, otherwise he wouldn’t have let it come so far! This is a waste of time for all involved and very bad for you and your Company! Therefore it is better, you should take the initiative and prepare for a open discussion with your Boss. KEEP IT SIMPLE by following the MASS Method!


Everyone likes to do meaningful work. Find out how your work connects with your Department goals and with your Company goals. In fact the importance of your work. What is the effect of your work on the end product.


Everyone likes to receive compliments, now and then, knowing that you are okay and doing well. Are you giving compliments as well? Try to do that a couple of times a day, it will generate positive energy. You will find that this is not so easy to do as it seems!

Social / Solitary.

Everyone likes to be part of a group and not being solitary. Be helpful and listen, leave everyone in her / his value. Never gossip! Enhance team building, let them know how important they are for the group! Create the feeling: Yes We Can!



Some of you will say: “But this is leadership stuff !?” Yes, you are right, this is for you, because you are the leader of your own (working) life! Following this simple method gives you a profound basis for having a fruitful discussion with your Boss. I’m sure that he, after reading this article too, will throw all his (expensive) books about leadership, out of the window!     Success!!

Inspired by the book “Eenvoud voor gevorderden”(Ben Meijering)