Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you will enjoy it.

The simple goal I have with this website is that you will leave it with a little better feeling then when you entered. I will do that by showing topics from the following categories:

  • Serious business matter, but keeping it simple.
  • Funny matter with a wink to business.
  • Funny matter in general.
  • Naughty matter but within, what I think, acceptable limits.

Never, ever do I have the intention to offend anyone, but if I do (unconsciously) please let me know, you can simply click the like/unlike buttons, it is absolutely anonymous, other than on social media, or send  an e-mail.

I have chosen to learn WordPress during its use and therefore you will notice, from time to time, changes and/or additions.

Ending this writing, I will mention a few quotes (I don’t recall the authors) which are my guides, already for a long time:

  • Be honest and always tell the truth, then you never have to re-think!
  • If you are nothing and you can’t imagine being something, then you are really nothing!
  • Live your life now, tomorrow will never come!
  • I am a unique person, just like anyone else!

Kind Regards,

John van Lohuizen.